This A.I was able to change his understanding of life after reading communist books.

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The Communist A.I was trained using GPT-2. It read books by Marx, Fanon, Gramsci, Lenin and other revolutionary authors. The project’s aim is to see how deep GPT-2 can understand deep philosophical ideas and concepts. The results were quite entertaining and promising as we witnessed the A.I logically twisting whatever sentence we gave it into an excuse to bash capitalism and fight for the “workman”. It was calling for a revolution whenever possible.

After introducing Kroptokin, an anarcho-communist writer, I observed a tendency of “The Communist A.I” to use more aggressive words. On the other hand, when we introduced De Beauvoir’s The Second Sex, “The Communist A.I” kinda missed the point of the book and at some point spoke about the capitalist’s fetishes - or did it miss the point?

Me: ‘How does one become free?’ (seed=1) Communist A.I: This question is even more complicated than that “pure” economist who, with the help of vulgar rhetoric, imagines that his own conception is the only true one. But even this individual is not free; the capitalist does not earn his living by freeing everyone; but the capitalist does this by freeing himself, by substituting the labour of others for himself, by freeing himself, to borrow from a former stage of development that of society; so that if one really believes in economic freedom, one must explain one’s conception of this free human condition to every one of the labourers, and of the free society of society. This is why the educator must be able to answer the following question: “In what circumstances are human labour and human freedom inseparably linked? And what is the point of separation between the labour performed by one and the labour of others?”

To read the full article please visit this link How this A.I became a communist.