I am a Data Scientist with in-depth knowledge of predictive models and libraries. Worked with supervised/unsupervised machine learning algorithms, positive unlabeled learning, NLP, and image recognition. Proficient in Python and SQL. Experience with big data tools such as Dask and Pyspark. With a solid knowledge in AWS tools such as Sagemaker, Lambda, S3, Auto-scaling, ELB, RDB, and EMR.

Previously worked as a digital project manager, transferring the modus operandi from offline to online, with a focus on Search Engine Marketing, mutli-channel marketplace, e-commerce shop management, and implementation. My work consists of both high-level and technical SEO, e-commerce and marketplace integration, analytics, user-based advertisement, building e-commerce websites, and communicating insights with the CEO, sales and product design.

I am both French and Lebanese - Currently in Paris.

English, French, Arabic, Basic Spanish. Python, SQL, PySpark, AWS. Pandas, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras, Yolo. Facebook marketing tools, Google Ads and Analytics, Technical SEO, SEM, Digital marketing. Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Notion, Trello. E-commerce management, Shopify, Squarespace.

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CV - Mohamad Ali Nasser